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Organic Home Garden

A Story

Michael Gallo's story..


A First generation Italian

…. Self explanatory.. Food, Wine and family and of course more food. 


A Chef

…. Yes, I became a chef.. It landed in my lap and I have been obsessed with it ever since.


An Educator

…. Yes after not doing so well in school myself, I ended up becoming a teacher. Teaching Culinary was my first venture in education as like above mentioned I became a chef. 


Raised a Catholic... but learning about meditation and my inner self in Hong Kong (while visiting my brother) from Tibetan Monks brought my awareness to another level. Moreover, experiencing and learning from so many mentors in Catholic education and outside of the church has expanded my horizons. This is an ongoing journey. 

Giving Back

This has been ingrained since I was young due to my parents upbringing. From soup kitchen work, mission trips, building libraries, schools, supporting local communities and more. Giving back is the main reason for this new company. 

A Farm

…. Yup a farm… Why? Not sure but it was meant for a new lifestyle for the kids… Now its sunflowers… wellness and much more to come..



…. Over the past decade and more I have had some opportunities to be asked to speak at institutions, companies and events to inspire our youth to follow their dreams. 



…. I love helping people… I love learning about people… And love life…

But like anything, I know life has its challenges and I know we all have our moments… But I have learned over my own life experiences and learnt moments that how we accept a challenge alters our results and feelings. I just love connecting food and life together to help inspire you in another way. 

The ideas of the company has been a long time coming. I can remember it began about 15 years ago.... and now it begins. 


"Food Starts with elements perfect and whole, and if you approach it with passion, gratitude, creativity and care, you can make something truly magical out of it".

Michael Gallo -

Food in the Hills Magazine

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